Friday, August 29, 2008

Out of Burning Man

It was easy to get up early Friday, having turned in so early the night before. I had my last sandwich for breakfast, took down the tent and packed the car. The general reaction of the other campers was one of beffudlement - "You're leaving already, why would anyone want to leave?" I told them this was only one stop on my extended tour of the USA, that I was itching to get back on the road. No need to share my disdain for so much of what surrounded me there, and I headed back out the gate by Noon. It felt fantastic to be cruising on the highway again, and I really appreciated the fact that NV 447 north out of Nevada was paved! I took the same route north last year, when I left in the dark. That was interesting in its own way, but I enjoyed the scenery this time. When I stopped a few times in California and Oregon, people could tell I'd come from the Burning Man festival (by the dust on the car, the bike in the back seat, and my red skin), and asked about it. I gave it pretty positive reviews, encouraging those who said they'd always wanted to go to check it out at least once. I'm glad I did, and though I'm not planning to go back next year, I might consider it if I find the right group who wants to go (like for instance my Texas family - if JP and Zoe want to bring the boys, I'd gladly make a family trip out of it - but we'd have to rent an RV).

Checking into a motel in Klamath Falls, OR, I took the most enjoyable shower in a long time, and filthied up all their bathroom towels cleaning the thick layer of dust off my luggage before I could open any of it.
The iPhone said "No Service" everywhere in this town, but the motel had Wi-Fi, so I caught up on a few days of email, though I was too beat to get any work done. A hefty steak dinner and all-you-can-eat salad bar at a Sizzler restaurant next door was a great relief, and I looked forward to getting on up north. I figured I'd be able to catch Mad Juana's gig in Portland Sat. night as well as their Seattle gig Sunday I'd planned to attend.

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